Wash Fluff & Brush

Double shampoo and a Blueberry Facial.  

Leave-in conditioner for fluff and a blow-dry for puff.

Nail clipping and light de-matting of ears and tail.

Mini Groom

Wash Fluff and Brush.

Hair removal from pads, sanitary area and around the eyes.

Feet and hock trim.  Ear and tail trim if requested.


Small Dog         $50

Medium Dog    $55

Mini Groom plus Head Re-style

Small Dog        $55

Medium Dog   $60           

Full Groom

Wash Fluff and Brush. Nail clipping and ear cleaning (not plucked).

Full haircut to suit breed and owner preference.


Time:    60-90     minutes   $65

              90-120   minutes   $70

            120-150   minutes   $75

            150-180   minutes   $85

General Guide Only:

  60-90   min:  Wired-haired Jack Russell,  Silky Terrier

  90-120 min:  Shih Tzu, Bichon, Maltese, Toy Poodle, Cavoodle

120-150 min:  Miniature Schnauzer and Poodle, Spoodles, Cavaliers


Times are governed by size, coat condition and density, hairstyle and the dog's temperament towards grooming. 


De-Matting Fee:  $20  

For coats that require two clips.

Travel Fee:  $5

For travel beyond New Plymouth and Bell Block.

Payment to:

Bowwow Barber Ltd

TSB Bank 15-3953-0792514-10

Please pre-pay or pay on the day.  Mobile Eftpos is not available.

I groom small to medium dogs to 12kg or Cavalier Spaniel size.

I do not groom Cocker Spaniels or Border Collies.


Aggressive Dogs will not be Groomed. 

A full-fee still applies.

Booking changes require 24 hours notice by phone or text. 

Missed appointments (no-shows) will incur a $25 travel fee.

Please toilet your dog before the groom.

Please tether your dog if you are not home.

I do not pluck ears nor express anal glands.


Dogs must be vaccinated and healthy.

No discount is given if nails cannot be clipped.

Please move your vehicle (if required) before I arrive and set-up.

All due-care is given to ensure your dog is safe during the groom. 

Dogs will not be left unattended and a door-screen is used to bar escape.

Small Dog         $40

Medium Dog    $45

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