Only one dog is groomed at a time - yours!

Say goodbye to cages, hours of waiting, noise, distraction and stress. 



Doggie deliveries can interrupt your day. 

Say hello to hassle-free haircuts, even while you are away.



Professional grooming equipment and trade-safe services.



Proven high-end products are used to clean and condition your pooch. 


Blueberry facials and lots of Wuffnutz (natural treats made in New Plymouth).

Colour treatments are available upon request.



Bowwow Barber Offers ...

"Mobile grooming suits my shy little dog.  She always looks beautiful and feels secure too".  Karen

"We took Aussie for a walk in the park and people asked who groomed him!  We were happy to recommend Gayleen".  ​Vanessa

"We love the Wash Fluff and Brush.  Nando is super soft and very huggable".  Shaun & Cassie

"I no longer leave the office.  Hunie is groomed during the day and I come home to a sweet smelling dog".  Maree